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"Brandi" is undefinable. I am so many different things, its hard to find words to describe me. I'm honestly a walking piece of art, that expresses myself through words, paintings, graphics, emotions, and my creativity! I know how to voice my inner thoughts visually and vocally.  There is no obstacle, or challenge I  can't take on. I'm strong,  witty, and I love to learn new things.

With that being said, graphic designing and creating art has been the most exuberant profession ever. Not only do I get to create, but I also get to help others express themselves creatively. It's an amazing feeling!


Many people have asked me what does Dirty Canvas mean, and honestly there's a cliche that explains it perfectly. "To live doesn't mean you're alive". Corny! Yes, I know, but everyone has a Canvas on this journey called Life. If your canvas is squeaky clean, you may be alive, but have you really lived? Paint your canvas with every little thing you do. All things should be an expression of your own. Who you are personally is also a representation of  your brand. Whether they're mistakes or accomplishments, learn from it! Most importantly, always leave your mark! Let me help you paint yours, and leave a mark on anyone who crosses your path. 



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